Cute Mini Houseplant Ideas That Remain Little All Their Life

Don’t you feel that the miniature version of everything is cuter than its normal size? The same is the case with the plants. Admit it, little plants are much cuter than the long growing ones. The miniature version of plants looks great in your indoor space more than the outer space where you can make peace with the big ones. While choosing plants indoors, your selection may differ from the usual outdoor plants due to many reasons. Why do you think that there is a separate list of plants for your indoor and outdoor space? It is because the conditions are different in both spaces and if you want a plant to thrive, you need to provide it with suitable conditions. The temperature, lighting and water conditions are some of the conditions that can be completely different inside and outside your house. So, mini plants look best when put in your house because they grab attention instantly. Also, these plants are suitable for small spaces where you don’t have enough space to put big pots. Not everyone can afford a fancy backyard or a garden to enjoy nature. Some have to manage with balcony gardens or indoor gardens if there is no balcony. When putting plants indoors, you have to be careful with space as well as the decor. So, for the people who enjoy plants in their homes, here is a list of plants that are very little yet cute. These plants remain small throughout their life so you have to worry about shifting them to another place when they grow. Check out the list and then buy indoor plants online according to your preference. 


Jade plant

Jade plants work well in both outdoor and indoor conditions, but it is famous amongst people mostly for indoor decor. The plant is liked for its thick glossy leaves that are oval in shape. The amazing thing about the jade plant is that they can go on to love for years provided that they are given proper care. You can place a jade plant in the smallest corner of your house and in the smallest pot because a small cutting of this plant can survive. The leaves are shiny and glossy and to keep them in this classy condition, you need to wipe the leaves every now and then to remove any extra dust accumulation. You will definitely grab attention to your decor with this plant. 


Donkey’s tail

Donkey’s tails is the ideal houseplant for that individual who has a brilliant bright house that has space for a little following or crawling plant. The meaty, delicious leaves of the donkey’s tail are a piece of wonder because of the drought resilience of this plant. You ought to develop the donkey’s tail in a sandy desert plant preparing to blend to forestall root decay. If you coincidentally sever one of the stems, don’t dispose of it; the donkey’s tail is anything but difficult to spread with cuttings. Simply embed the cut end into some soil, and spot under a wall in the area until it forms roots.


Chinese money plant

Now money plants are one of the most common houseplants seen in houses and offices. This plant survives literally in any type of condition whether it’s indoors or outdoors. This survival property makes this plant a famous choice amongst people. So, when putting plants in your interior decor, then don’t miss out on the money plant. Money plant is a creeper and grows up on anything that comes in contact. But here I’m talking about another variety that is known as the Chinese money plant. This plant is known for its pretty round leaves. This plant is also called a missionary plant and is not easily found,  you can buy plants online. Also, the plant is easy to propagate, so if you cannot find it anywhere, take it from a friend who has it. 

Purple shamrock

If you want to take a break from the green plants, let me tell you that there are plants that are not green coloured. The purple shamrock is a beautiful plant which is purple in color. Now, this type of plant is sure to grab the attention of the onlooker because of its prominent unique color. This plant is highly ornamental because of the burgundy red color. Along with it, the plant puts out pretty yellow and white flowers which look good amongst the burgundy leaves. 

These are the small little plants that you can place indoors. These plants don’t grow bigger and will sit well in your small spaces. Also, the mini size is what makes them this cute. 



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