Important points to hit the bull’s eye in biology exam class 12th

Students who have a thorough grasp of biology and get excellent grades not only prepare for difficult tests, but also have a greater chance of being admitted to undergraduate programmes at other universities. Biology provides students with a greater understanding of evolutionary theory, gene therapy, and biotechnology breakthroughs, as well as job opportunities in zoology, medicine, and research.

Increase the amount of time you spend practising diagrams.

It’s critical to understand all of the diagram’s features. Any response that is accompanied by a well labelled graphic will increase your chances of receiving a higher grade. Exams frequently include questions devoted just to diagrams.

Make sure you set aside extra time to practise diagrams so you can easily recall all of the minor details during the tests. Lac operon, Human digestive system, Human heart, Nervous system, Food chain, Recombinant DNA, translation, and Mendelian and non-mendelian hybridization crossings are some key diagrams to pay attention to.

Biology is a crucial topic for the class 12 board exam as well as other medical examinations such as NEET and AIIMS. Biology is worth 100 points on the board exam, including 70 points for theoretical and 30 points for practical. In medical exams such as NEET, which will be administered by NTA starting in 2019, 90 questions from Biology, including Botany and Zoology, will be asked. Each question will be worth four points. As a result, students preparing for NEET and AIIMS should focus on Biology and must prepare their basic from the class 12 biology NCERT book.

Learning isn’t the sole aspect of biology.

Students sometimes say that all they have to learn in Biology is a list of biological words, which they find tedious. Chapters like Genetics and Biotechnology, on the other hand, do not involve merely studying. To do well on the exam, you must fully comprehend them. It will become the easiest chapter in Biology if you succeed in learning the many subjects of Genetics. Otherwise, Genetics and Biotechnology will be tough to prepare. The NCERT 12 biology solution is the right companion to help you know everything about the chapters in detail. 

Diagrams’ Importance in Biology

In biology, diagrams are extremely significant. Many diagram-based questions are now asked in medical examinations such as NEET and AIIMS. As a result, you should focus entirely on the numerous biological diagrams. Many issues abound in biology, such as how Hershey and Chase established that DNA is the genetic material. Although it is a large question in theory, you may answer it by sketching a graphic of the Bacteriophage experiment done by Hershey and Chase. And you’ll earn full marks on the board test for it.

Begin planning as soon as possible.

Many students ignore their studies in the early stages, limiting their ability to develop in-depth understanding of the topics and making it harder to achieve decent grades.

Students believe they have plenty of time and begin studying as soon as their examinations are approaching. This is, after all, the proper way to prepare. You need to be prepared so that you can get good marks in your exams with ample amount in time to focus. 

Work on the study materials

You should make a good study plan after obtaining and gathering all of the necessary study resources. You should start with the chapters that have the most weight and are the easiest, and then go on to the rest.

Set aside a specified amount of time based on the subject and strive to finish it. Make your study schedule in such a way that you don’t feel rushed. You should offer appropriate after 1 or 2 hours of continuous study, depending on your own capabilities. As a result, you won’t get tired when studying.

Be Specific and Break Down Your Goals Into Achievable Goals

Make sure you are detailed in your study strategy. If you’ve started studying trigonometry, you should concentrate on that topic solely at that moment. Make no elaborate study plans for Class 12. Make things simpler for yourself and make sure you can do it on time.


You already know that the CBSE Class 12 syllabus is extensive, and you won’t be able to finish it all in one sitting. Allow for equal time and work in sections. Set a daily or weekly goal for yourself and stick to it. If you have spare time, you can study a bit more in addition to your schoolwork. If you are still not sure about the plan that you need to follow then you must get in touch with InFinity Learn. The team will help you out with clarification of your doubts. We will also give you a plan to follow and make you confident with your preparation in the best manner.  All you need to do is get in touch today and enjoy a flourishing career. 



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