Is DevOps Certification Hard?

Is DevOps Certification Hard

DevOps jobs have significantly increased over time. More people have become interested in learning DevOps and joining the leading companies. Consequently, DevOps certifications have become popular these days. They can help you sequentially learn DevOps, become a master, and crack a high-paying job easily. However, there’s a notion that the DevOps certification is challenging and not a piece of cake for everyone.

And that’s why many people stay away from DevOps certifications and relevant Simplilearn online courses. But, the question is, are the DevOps certifications as hard as you think? Since it’s stopping many candidates from getting certified, it’s better to clear your confusion in time and understand whether DevOps certifications are your game or not. Don’t worry; we’ve got your back! This post will help you understand various aspects of DevOps certification and find the best answer to your mainframe question.

Let’s dive into the article and get a better gist of the difficulty level of the popular DevOps certification.

Things you need to learn to pass DevOps certification

What makes a certificate difficult? It’s the curriculum! So, it would help if you had a clear landscape of what you need to know to pass the DevOps certification. Here’s a brief outline of the exam syllabus. Have a look below!

  • Collaboration and Communication

Given the grounded nature of DevOps, communication and collaboration are critical to success. These two are essential in breaking down divisions between development and operations teams, aligning goals with business objectives, and implementing DevOps culture throughout departments.

  • Knowledge of Relevant Tools

The success of DevOps depends entirely on the toolset used during various stages of implementation. It’s challenging to keep a tab of how many tools DevOps has introduced. However, it would help if you examined the relevance of DevOps success in depth.

  • Security Skills

The pace with which DevOps supports deployment corresponds to the risk rate frequently. Given this limitation, adding security at the end or as a separate procedure in the usual approach may not be feasible. DevSecOps may help here by integrating security into the SDLC from the beginning.

So, as a DevOps professional, having DevSecOps skills would undoubtedly help you succeed.

  • Automation Skills

A good command of automation, which is at the heart of the DevOps process, is required to be considered a DevOps engineer. A DevOps engineer should know the key to automating the complete DevOps pipeline, including CI/CD cycles, app performance monitoring, infrastructure, and configurations.

Knowing the DevOps toolset, code, and scripting is tightly tied to the DevOps automation skillset.

  • Coding and Scripting

Coding and scripting are two essential skills that DevOps engineers should possess. Python, Ruby, Java, PHP, Javascript, Shell, Bash, and Node.js are among the most recommended programming/scripting languages.

  • Cloud Abilities

Cloud and DevOps walk hand-in-hand. While the DevOps approach drives a process, the cloud supports it by providing the platform for testing, deploying, and releasing code. The other directly influences one’s efficiency.

  • Testing Abilities

DevOps success is dependent on testing. Tests must pass without fail in the DevOps automation pipeline. It is critical for continuous testing to succeed where automated tests are run.

  • Customer-Oriented Mindset

The ultimate objective of any effective DevOps process is customer satisfaction. Given this reason, DevOps experts should verify that each activity they do complies with company targets and goals and provides value to the end-user.

To achieve a unified goal, they’ll have to work with stakeholders, including developers, testers, project managers, and the organization’s thought leadership.

Now that you have to know what’s asked in a typical DevOps certification exam, you can gauge the difficulty level of the exam. Let’s jump into the next section.

Is DevOps Certification Hard?

Some DevOps certifications are straightforward, while others may prove difficult. These tests cover various scenario-based topics with lengthy descriptions that make understanding the question challenging. The candidate must demonstrate technical proficiency in providing, operating, and managing distributed application systems in the DevOps environment. As a result, if you are a fresher with no industry or practical experience, you may find some exams challenging. However, proper preparation is essential for passing a test.

Because the DevOps certification test verifies a candidate’s technical knowledge, they must be familiar with the various technologies and how they interact. Consequently, the candidate must access the appropriate resources to enhance their learning and expand their knowledge base. Some questions can be pretty tricky in the certification exam, so make sure you acquire the words and choose the optimum solution in the real world. Further more, there is no easy way to ace the exam.

Here are a few steps to make your journey simple!

  • Focus on gaining hands-on experiences

The people who hold some job experience find the DevOps certification simple. They can relate to the curriculum and get better explanations for every answer. Thus, they have a higher chance of scoring in the actual test.

  • Enroll in an online course

You cannot understand what to read and prepare for your DevOps exam. So, enrolling in a reputed online course will help you appear more confident in the exam.

  • Practice using mock papers

Learning isn’t enough to crack the DevOps certification exam. It’s better to practice through mock papers and get an idea of how the test will appear on the final day.

  • Make notes

You cannot watch an entire course and read all books the day before your certification exam. It’s better to make notes when studying to revise the coursework on time.

  • Create flashcards for revision

Flashcards are your best friends in a certification exam. You can use them to revise, memorize, and recollect fundamentals right before the exam to brush up on your concepts.


DevOps certification isn’t challenging, provided you have prepared well for the exam. It’s a simple process if you gain enough hands-on experience before taking the test. So, it’s high time to enroll in a course, prepare well, and get the DevOps certification without hassles. Remember, the key to success is staying calm and understanding that difficulty is a matter of perception.



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