Why to choose 1BHK flat on rent?

If you’re a young professional who is going to be spending a lot of time in your apartment, what should you be looking for when renting? A good answer to that question may just be the 1BHK flat on rent in Pune .

 Lesser Investment: When renting a 1BHK flat for yourself, many people find that it is not as expensive as it would be to buy one. This can save you a lot of money and make more sense if you are young and not quite sure about where you want to settle down permanently.

More Bang for Your Buck: One-bedroom apartments are surprisingly spacious because they don’t have as many rooms added on as two-bedroom apartments do. This means that when you put a lot of things into your apartment, you should feel that everything is still a bargain.

 Cheaper Price: The most recent trend in the renting market is to include many different services when the rent is paid. When you look at a 1BHK flat rental, there is no need to worry about this. This means that while buying a house or an apartment would be expensive, searching for a 1BHK flat for rent will not cost as much money as it used to do.

 Easier Accessibility: One-bedroom apartments are easy to come and go to since they only have one bedroom and the concept of the “master bedroom” doesn’t apply. The bedroom is usually smaller and the main room is where people come to do normal activities. 1 Bhk furnished flat  for  rent in Pune must be selected carefully.

 Security: Renting a 1BHK flat also means that you do not need to worry about all of the renovations that are necessary when you are buying a house or an apartment. You can just move into your apartment once it’s been cleaned and furnished and stay there for as long as you like, knowing that no one will disturb your ownership.

 Flexibility: 1BHK flats on rent will allow you to avoid entering into a binding contract with an outside source when it comes to renting a place to live in for an indefinite amount of time. In most cases, renting a 1BHK flat is better than buying a house or an apartment because you will be able to run away at any time.

 Easy To Live With: The “small” factor when it comes to living in 1BHK flats also means that you won’t feel cramped no matter how many people are staying there. It is often the case that people renting small spaces go through a lot of trouble when they have much more space, but the reason why they often experience this “cutting” effect is that they commute to their place of work all the time.

Owner Financing: If you are just starting as a young professional, buying a house or an apartment is probably not the best move for you. However, if you do have other ways to make money to pay for your rent, finding a 1BHK flat on rent should be your first choice since it can be paid in instalments over time.

 Less Maintenance: When buying a house or an apartment, the maintenance-related expenses can easily add up to what mortgage payments would amount to. If you have a 1BHK flat on rent, you will be in a better position to deal with all of the problems that come up because these issues are less frequent and smaller.

Easier Chance to Sell: Although most people prefer to live in their places for as long as possible, everyone is not able to do so. When it comes time to sell your house or apartment, many people would prefer to sell it sooner rather than later because they don’t want the property’s value to fall apart over time. Finding a 1BHK flat on rent means that you will be much more likely to benefit from this sale since you can just skip being a landlord.

 Easier Access to The Market: When you are renting a 1BHK flat for yourself, you can live the life of a regular tenant. That means that you can move in and out of the apartment whenever you want since you will not correlate it whatsoever. In the condo market, this would be quite impossible since there is always a way that your name would end up on any lease renewals and buy-out options.

 Low Maintenance: If you are renting a 1BHK flat for yourself, this means that you will be in a position to enjoy low maintenance expenses. Not only will this mean that your apartment will need less maintenance, but it also means that you won’t have to do as much of it because the housing association or landlord is taking care of all of it.

 Owner’s Rights: In many cases, people who rent out their apartment on lease or other agreements have no rights whatsoever regarding how the property should be managed. When you own a 1BHK flat, though, you will be able to truly claim those rights since you are the only one living on the property.

Down Payment Assistance: If you are just starting with buying a house or an apartment, you will most likely need a down payment assisted by your parents or other financial sources for it to happen. In this case, finding a 1BHK flat on rent is a much better option because it doesn’t require your parents to pay any money for helping you find a place to live.


As you can see, there are multiple benefits of taking a place on rent. By renting a place, you will be able to have a flexible approach in life and may also share costs by taking roommates if you feel that you cannot financially handle a rented unit by yourself. Nevertheless, this is a subjective decision and you should take enough time to speak with family members and property brokers before deciding in this regard.

Prateek Chauhan

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