Advantages of Using a Green Screen for Your Video

Green Screen

So, you’ve just landed a contract to shoot a client’s video. This is really great. But where are you getting the location to shoot the video? Supposing the client doesn’t have any selection of locations to shoot the video, then what’s the plan? If you’re looking for a more professional look to your videos, then green screen is the way to go. If you find out just how many sci-fi movies utilise green screens, then you’d be shocked. Shooting on the moon would be more expensive than faking it. Wouldn’t it? But before we go any further, it would be best to know where you can get all these effects for your videos. Well, video maker is the way to go.

So, what even is a green screen? We can’t assume that you all are aware of it. Therefore, a green screen is a green backdrop appearing in the background of a shot. Its main aim is to allow for several digital effects later on. It is mostly important in post-production, where the special effects team can use a video maker and editor to add any effects and change the background. So, what are all the advantages of using a green screen for your video?


It gives you the flexibility of changing your location or background to anything that you wish for. Thus, you can save a lot instead of having to shoot your videos in multiple locations. You only need a good video maker and editor for post-production.

With a green screen, you get some level of consistency and more options to choose from when it comes down to the best location.


The advantage of a green screen is that you can practically take it to any location of your choice. As long as there’s some sizable space, you don’t have any limitations as to where you can take a green screen. If at all your client doesn’t have a sizable room, you can even opt to rent a conference room instead.

Saves Time

By using a green screen, you save a lot of time having to look for props for the video shoot. Instead, you get things ready within no time. Sometimes, getting the right background can be a bit of a challenge. Therefore, using a green screen saves you the hustle of thinking hard through shoots in pursuit for ideas.

All you’ll have to focus on is the post-production stage where you use a video maker and editor to touch up and add a background.


Shooting a green screen means that you have blocked out any ambient light from the zone of the shoot. This, therefore, implies that you don’t have to spend your time adjusting the light. The change in sunlight won’t affect your clips.

Thus, with a green screen, you’re good to go every time, as far as lighting is concerned. All of your shots will be a lot easier to edit and wind up on.


Green screens give you the wonderful opportunity to brand your videos with the company’s logos and branding much easier. You only need to apply the changes and effects through the video maker or editor and you’re good to go. The company’s identity will be a lot simpler to portray during the post-production stage.

In this case, you can add colours, textures, and other branding elements to the background. This will ensure that the video stands out from the rest online. For these effects, a standard video maker or editor will do.

In case the organisation changes branding any time in the future, it will also become a lot easier for you to change the colours via editing. This way, you don’t have to throw away any of the material you used during your initial shoot. Thus, it saves time and money altogether.

Extended Usability

This just supports all of the points that we have shared above. When you create a video using a green screen, you can use it over and over again. There’s no throwing it away after one usage. This is because of the flexibility in changing the background at any time.

You can easily revisit projects that you shot using a green screen. In the event that any changes in branding and tastes occur, you don’t have to start over the shoot from scratch. Simply retrieve the clip that you used and start editing once more using a video maker and editing tool.

In addition, you can record other videos in the future and even update or merge them with the previous ones you have. You just have to apply a uniform background to bring them together. Hence, no need to start over from scratch for updates to videos.

Final Thoughts

With all of these advantages in play, it is clear that shooting videos using a green screen is advantageous. It is particularly great when it comes to post-production, where you’ll need to edit videos using a video maker or editor.



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