How To Differentiate Between Male And Female Congo Tetra?

Congo tetras display sexual dimorphism. Congo tetra size shifts in guys and females. The male fish is marginally bigger than the female. At the point when a female is prepared to mate, they look marginally adjusted or ample. Male fish are all the more brilliantly hued and look more appealing. They have a more drawn-out and obvious, more streaming dorsal balance than females. The tail balance is additionally somewhat extended in guys. Females look blunter than guys and have a swollen mid-region while laying eggs. 

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Sexual orientation Difference: Male versus Female 

The male is bigger, more brilliant in shading, and has bigger wings than the female. Females are more modest, less splendidly shaded, and their stomach is bigger and more adjusted. 

When all is said in done, it is not difficult to see among such grown-up fish. 



The male and female ought to be kept in discrete tanks and took care of well and high for around fourteen days prior to rearing starts. The fish gets prolific at the age of 8-9 months. 

Generating can happen both in a couple and in a school, however, the last is more alluring (for this situation guys ought to win). A generating tank ought to be of 20 liters of relating 100-150 liters limit. 

Generating is occasional and for the most part, happens toward the beginning of the day. It is initiated by adding new, delicate water; expansion in temperature and water stream; Light day augmentation, and high feed. 

The eggs are shed between plants or at the lower part of the tank. 

If it’s not too much trouble, note, that in old water, because of the great substance of nitrogen compounds, adolescents quit developing and, when in doubt, pass on. 

Put a different network at the lower part of the bringing forth tank and it is alluring to plant a huge shrubbery of Thai plant on top of it. Water hardness is 1,5-3 degrees, pH 6,8-6,5, KH up to 1 degree, water temperature 25-28 °C. 

Subsequent to adding water to the generating tank, cover it with clean glass and permit around fourteen days for the water to freeze. In any case, remember that water deteriorates by air circulation. 

Put Congo Tetras in the producing tank in the evening. Bit by bit increment the water temperature to the ideal worth. When in doubt, generating happens in 2-6 days and keeps going about 2.5 hours. 

The lighting ought to be brilliant and near daylight. Fish usefulness is 300-500 straightforward and not tacky eggs. 

Subsequent to producing eliminate the fish, substrate, and lattice from the generating tank and supplant practically all the tank water with comparable boundaries and shading it marginally with methylene-blue. 

The eggs ought to be concealed and the whites eliminated. Solid eggs are round and totally straightforward. 

The brooding season of eggs is 5-7 days. A little while before the hatchlings show up, bring down the tank water level by 3-5 cm. Adolescents conceive offspring in 6-7 days and they quickly begin swimming and taking care of it. Let us visit Financeninsurance.

The beginning feed for adolescents is infusorians, rotifers, bubbled egg yolk, beginning from the second seven-day stretch of adolescent life they can be taken care of saline solution shrimp nauplii and cyclops, vinegar eel.



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