How to Prepare for the ECBA Course?

ECBA Course

If you have an interest in business analysis, IIBA launched a certification course in 2016, called ECBA. ECBA is known as the Entry Certificate in Business Analysis. The ECBA course is the first entry-level examination for business analysts.

The ecba training will help you develop analytical skills, business knowledge, how to act in the business setting, and related settings. It will train you as a business analytic expert. Many people have completed the ECBA certification in just a span of 2 years. More and more people are opting for this and sharing their success stories on social media platforms like Linkedln. Their jobs as the BA or the business analyst or the ladder ahead in the BA roles can be seen. If you wish to enter a business analytic area, you have to have a first stepping stone with ECBA™ certification. This course entails all the basics needed for the professional to know about business analytics. 

Most freshers apply for the ECBA™ Certification. Many professionals who want to switch to a career in business analytics can also opt for the same. If you are a professional and want to pursue business, this certification can help you. ECBA is a framed certification course. It entails many business aspects and majorly focuses on the following- 

  • The analysis and requirements
  • Modeling
  • Life cycle management and requirements 
  • Knowledge about modeling tools and concepts. 

If you want a guidebook reference, IIBA recommends the BABOK book. It is called the Business Analysis Body Of Knowledge. Version 3.0 can help you cope with the ecba course. You may have heard about CCBA or the CBAP. This course is different from these with its innovative features and characteristics. Let us see how-

  • If you do not have any BA experience, you are still eligible for the exam. It is about your passion and curiosity for business analysis. If you want to learn and get certified, ECBA is the perfect solution for you.
  • CCBA and CBAP courses are costlier than ECBA. You will get equal benefits from the ECBA training and certification. 
  • You can take the examination from home. You need not go to any center to appear in the examinations. 
  • You need no instructor for the training, and IIBA approves self-study too. 

Many people develop an interest in the same field but are unable to cope with the study pressure. If you are working, studying can be hard. Even as a fresher many students cannot cope with the stress of the examinations. How to study- becomes a concern! Let us help you.

There are 2 important factors and components that one should have to master the Entry Certificate for Business Analysis. These are-

  1. The book called BABOK should be mastered. One should thoroughly go through the concepts and questions in the book before appearing for the examinations. 
  2. Model questions for the ECBA are equally important. Search question banks, and practice. You can give it a read to the important questions to catch the gist.

To get what the BABOK book has, one should get an instructor. By giving it a read you may not be able to understand concepts and theories. Hence, one needs a good instructor for the ecba course. They will help people to comprehend the concepts given in the BABOK book. The new version is called BABOK V3. It is complex and not easy to follow. The book entails more than 500 pages. 

Even professionals with 10 plus years of experience find it difficult to read and understand. We recommend you to opt for an instructor for the course and ecba training. Only an expert can help you with the hard-core concepts of the book.

Advantages of ECBA

There are many advantages of pursuing the ECBA or the entry certificate for business analysis. The top ones are-

  • As the ECBA you will be known for your knowledge, competency, and understanding of BA concepts. The business analysis principles and other industrial practices will be known, making you globally recognized. 
  • As a fresher in business analysis and related industries, it will give you the first step in the league. It is a personal satisfaction that one experiences.
  • You can try yourself in the IT industry. Pursue the certification of the BA and you can opt for the IT sector for future endeavors!
  • You will get better job opportunities (globally).
  • You will get better pay than before.
  • You will have better market opportunities
  • Your overall performance will improve. 

Examination Pattern of ECBA

The foundation of the course is based on business analysis. It is also called How to Approach Business Analysis. BABOK guide helps you cope with the same and helps people who are entering the world of business analysis. The idea is to teach the HOW. You will get globally certified along with the rock-solid foundation for your business analysis profession. 

The pattern is as follows-

  • The exam will be remote and online.
  • You will get a total of 50 multiple choice questions
  • Your overall knowledge area will be checked. The ECBA™ certification validates all the sectors. 
  • It is based on the BABOK guide 
  • The exam does not have negative marking 

Students have to pass in each sector and score minimal passing marks. The passing score is normally more than 70%, so you should target around 80-90%. Practice with the help of mock tests and you will be able to score more than 80%!

5 Fundamental Points to start your Preparation.

  • Make sure you meet the eligibility criteria of the ECBA.
  • Opt for the IIBA-approved ECBA training.
  • Comprehend the BABOK and practice the mock tests given in the book.
  • The application should be approved
  • Give the exam!


Although IIBA does not give any official data about the cut-offs. It is essential to prepare yourself for the best. All the sectors should be scored with minimal passing marks and you will be good to go. 

Regular practice along with the guide book- BABOK can help you comprehend the concepts and know what goes in the examination. All the best!



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