What is an ITIL 4 certification?


ITIL certifications help professionals to demonstrate profound knowledge of the best practices followed in IT Service Management. Collaborating IT with business can significantly help in saving time, cutting down wastage and avoiding costly rework associated with IT.

These days, ITIL certifications are counted among the top-paying certifications in the IT industry and help you easily land a job, get a promotion or accelerate your career to the next level.

Considering the benefits that ITIL can bring to an organization, completing an ITIL certification can be a great choice. The ITIL certification is available in certain levels, starting from the foundational level to Master level.

Introduced in the year 2019, ITIL 4 is a highly transitioned form of the ITIL v3 certification and follows a more advanced and agile approach.

Advantages of ITIL Certification

Earning an ITIL 4 certification is worth your time due to the following reasons:

At the organizational level, an ITIL 4 certification helps in:

Types of ITIL 4 Certifications

Primarily, there are four types of ITIL 4 certifications, which are ITIL 4 Foundation, ITIL 4 Managing professional, ITIL 4 Strategic Leader and ITIL 4 Master.

Job Prospects and Salary with ITIL 4 certification

With ITIL 4 certification, one can look for the following job prospects and earn the salary as mentioned:

Job DesignationSalary RangeAverage Salary (INR)
IT Manager5,68,000-30,00,00013,54,847
IT Team Leader5,09,000-20,00,00011,21,702
IT Consultant4,59,000-20,00,00010,68,148
Service Delivery Manager7,04,000-30,00,00015,96,676
IT Project Manager7,12,000-20,00,00015,07,757
Senior Project Manager (IT)10,00,000-30,00,00020,84,038
Solutions Architect10,00,000-30,00,00019,22,371

We hope, with the help of this article, you were able to understand what ITIL 4 is all about and the benefits of pursuing this certification. So, don’t wait if you are seeking a flourishing career in the IT industry.

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