What is CATIA Harness Design Course?

What is CATIA Harness Design Course?

In today’s world, the vehicle industry has expanded so much that there is an immense need for engineers and experts for the designing, construction, and maintenance of automobiles. That’s why the industry is giving good opportunities to people to build their careers in this. Many reputed institutes are also offering various courses to enter this field. And one of those courses is the CATIA Electrical Harness Design Course. 

CATIA Harness Designing course is the branch of mechanical engineering that includes the operational study of the wiring harness with the help of a software tool named CATIA V5. This course gives complete knowledge of the methods of designing wire harnesses and their layout throughout the vehicle. The course offers an overview of the harness assembly, it’s installation, packaging, and routing of the auto parts. 

As this designing course includes the use of CATIA V5, hence the 3D CAD designs can be created with ease. This software tool is used because of its adaptability which makes it simple to showcase ideas in 3D and to effectively combine the wiring harness solutions into a digital model. 

Who can go through this course?

CATIA Harness Design Course is one of the flexible and versatile courses that are budget-friendly and offers you many plans to go through. As the course needs very high expertise and hard work, so this course is not definitely for everyone. But the students from a mechanical engineering background who are willing to begin their career in the vehicle industry can do this. In addition, individuals who are already engaged in the automobile sector and are passionate to be an expert in CATIA V5 can also take this course. 

Which are the skills you will acquire from this course? 

The CATIA Electrical Harness Design course consists of several modules within which you will learn numerous skills. This course will help you learn about the below-given things:

  1. Basics of Electrical Harness Design

In this first module, you will gain knowledge about the following things:

  • Significance of electrical harness design
  • Workflow of electrical harness design
  • Digital Mock-Up (DMU)
  1. Designs of Electrical Parts 

In this second part of the course, you will develop skills such as:

  • GUI Electrical Part Design
  • Designing of electrical parts on the workbench
  • About pieces of equipment, shell, and cavity connecting point
  • Designing new catalogs
  • Backshell and Bundle Connection Point
  1. Electrical Assembly Design

This module includes knowledge of:

  • Import of electrical parts
  • GUI of electrical assembly design
  • Open electrical assembly design on the workbench
  • Assembling of electrical components
  1. Electrical Harness Design of Product-1

Below given are the skills that you will learn in this coursework:

  • GUI of electrical harness installation
  • Installation of electrical harness on the workbench
  • Bundle segment and its routing
  • Setting Customization
  • Creating geometric bundle
  • Addition of branch point
  • Analysis of product with harness bundle segment
  1. Electrical Harness Design of Product-2

Here are the skills that you will learn in this module:

  • To convert mechanical components into electrical components
  • Creating an electrical harness bundle segment
  • Addition and removal of support
  1. Electrical Harness Design of Product-3

This module includes important skills including:

  • Routing of Bundle segment through the supports
  • Modification of clash by using arranged bundle segment
  • Management of multiple bundle segment
  1. Electrical Harness Design of Product-4

This last module will help you learn about the following things:

  • Creating Geometrical bundle
  • The practice of exercise with reference steps


So, here we have given the whole overview of the CATIA Electrical Harness Design course. Students with mechanical engineering can opt for this course and enter into the automobile business. This will help you gain complete knowledge about the skills and techniques. If you are interested in opting for this course, then hurry up and get the knowledge about the course in detail. 



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